Demystifying Instagram - The Basics

I continue on with my Demystifying Instagram training videos by walking you through Instagram step by step while on my phone. This allows you to apply in real time, what I am showing. In this section of our training I go over the basics of your Instagram page.

All my training I provide without charge, to help you find success in your social media platforms. If you found this training helpful and you'd like to express your appreciation here are some ideas.


Demystifying Instagram
If you're new to social media and Instagram, it no longer needs to be a mystery.


Followers and Following
Every social media platform has their own personality and rules regarding following and followers. We demystify those rules.


Quality Posts and Shout Outs
Everyone tends to focus the number on followers and likes. Those are high school games. Learn how to build your page and what numbers you should focus on.


Instagram Bio Tips
You have between 1 and 3 seconds to capture your audience and introduce yourself and your page. The Bio section of your page is an important element to capture interest.


Cross Promoting Your Pages
Cross promotion of Instagram pages can be a powerful tool to directing followers to other pages of interest.