Demystifying Instagram - IGTV

Every social media platform has its own personality. In this training series, I demystify Instagram and take you step by step to understanding the power and beauty of this platform. I record this training series on my phone so that you can see follow me step by step through learning Instagram.

All my training I provide without charge, to help you find success in your social media platforms. If you found this training helpful and you'd like to express your appreciation here are some ideas.


How to Load Videos to IGTV
Why build another social media platform for your videos, after you worked so hard to build your Instagram page? IGTV is a powerful tool to increase interest in your Instagram page.


How to Share Your IGTV Videos on Twitter
Sharing your IGTV videos on Twitter helps to direct your audience to your Instagram page.


How to Promote Your IGTV Videos in Story
Promoting your videos in your stories never was easier. A step by step training.