Carillu Series

Release Announcement

Froggie and Friends, the first book in the Carillu series, is now available on Amazon.

Co-authored with my daughter Amber Stevens and dedicated to my two special needs grandchildren.

Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Defining Thoughts - Day Fifteen - Peace

Day fifteen of Defining Thought thirty-day motivational challenge will be for us to reflect on how we create peace in our lives. The only thing life guarantees us, is experience. Experience to help us understand our emotional reaction to life events. Experience to help us understand what we can and cannot control. 

Seldom, so we have the ability to control what occurs around us. But, we always have the ability to control what occurs in our mind. It begins by first recognizing the thoughts which are engaging an emotion. 

Why am I feeling this way?

A simple question, which more often than not, requires us to delve deep within to understand the reason. We can easily recognize the emotion e.g. fear, anger, sadness, happiness, etc. But do we understand why?

Why are we happy? Why are we angry? Are we attributing those emotions to someone else? Let's break it down a bit.

Someone say a kind word and you feel happy. Why? 
Someone says an unkind word to you and you get angry. Why?

In each of those scenarios, do you point at the other person for being responsible for your emotional reaction? Why?

It always comes down to us and our need and desire to feel accepted, loved, and appreciated. When we have complete love for ourselves, accepted and are at peace with who we are; we will find that the actions of others will suddenly take on a different thought process and emotional response.

Joy for kind words spoken to us, no longer is because it validates us, but instead we find joy in knowing that the other person is having a good day. Likewise, when we see the anger of another, instead of taking responsibility for their emotional response, we see their words, as an extension of how they are feeling inside. We keep the responsibility for their thoughts, emotions, and actions where it belongs... on them.

Peace occurs when we no longer define our well being, on the dependency of another to provide it.





Fears hold us back. They are usually tied to a loss. When we face our fears and explore where these fears were planted, and what we are afraid to loose, we can address the initial thoughts surrounding that particular fear.

Step Nine of STEPS to Success Program

Step nine in STEPS to Success program

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