Carillu Series

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Froggie and Friends, the first book in the Carillu series, is now available on Amazon.

Co-authored with my daughter Amber Stevens and dedicated to my two special needs grandchildren.

Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure, we choose to succeed by our actions.

Defining Thoughts - Day Sixteen - Boundaries

Today let's reflect on the boundaries we set in our lives. When we think about boundaries, our perspective can often look at that word with a negative connotation. Boundaries can be viewed as limiting. Let's take a moment to look at a new perspective.

What if boundaries actually freed us? Did you pause for a moment and maybe even tilt your head in confusion?

If we set a boundary of limiting our TV viewing to just one hour a day, rather than spending 3-4 hours an evening, we have just gained 2-3 extra hours of our time. What would we choose to use that time for?

When we set goals, we often struggle in achieving them, because we are more focused on the loss than we are on the gain. It comes down to how we determine our focus and priority. 

It begins in the mind. Do we set boundaries for ourselves with our thoughts? If we are heading into a negative or toxic thought pattern and haven't established a boundary for ourselves, it will be easier for those thoughts to continue to flow freely. If we have set boundaries for what thoughts we will entertain in our mind, it will be easier to quickly see we are stepping close to the boundary line and take corrective action. Our mind now is free to think on things that will benefit our lives.

Today, let's reflect on the boundaries we need to set for ourselves, to free ourselves for more important things in our lives.






Fears hold us back. They are usually tied to a loss. When we face our fears and explore where these fears were planted, and what we are afraid to loose, we can address the initial thoughts surrounding that particular fear.

Step 9 in STEP to Success program

Step 9 in STEP to Success program


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