A New Year and A New Adventure Begins

As the new year begins, I have been working diligently with a new editor to review all my e-books and get them ready for print. Despite having used a pretty expensive author before, errors were found that justified having a second author review all my books.

Falling Silence is currently under editing. I'll be working to release it to print by March 1, 2020. I currently have three series that I am working on. The final two books in The Art of Defining Me series will be released this year. 

I will also be releasing a monthly motivational challenge in The Ember Within series. Currently my work has been read in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and India. 

My biggest challenge at the moment, is funding for editors. I have released four books and have several more in the pipeline that will be needing editor review. Writing, formatting and book design I do myself which has been extremely beneficial in saving cost. This has been the primary reason I was able to release four books in 2020.

This week I am working on continuing my vBlog and video training series to help drive funding to my Patreon account. I also continue to strive to pick up additional contracting work in User Experience Design and Social Media Director positions.

I'm currently living with family to assist in keeping my expenses down so I can invest everything back into my books.

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